Chancellor's Chair and Ceremonial Furnishings University of Victoria

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View Detail Kneeling Figure, mace stand carving
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Kwagu't, Kwakwaka'wakw
Tom Hunt, son of George and Mary (nee Henderson) Hunt was born in Victoria in 1964 but as a young man made Fort Rupert, B.C. his home. Tom began his training with his father and continued with his uncle Calvin Hunt and grandfather Sam Henderson. Tom Hunt is a versatile and gifted carver and graphic artist. He is best known for his masks and totem pole carving but is equally skilled in the creation of other ceremonial and decorative pieces. Tom Hunt has collaborated on many major commissions with Susan Point, John Livingston, Calvin Hunt and other master carvers as well as fulfilling private and public commissions world wide. The kneeling figure of the mace stand follows the long standing artistic traditions of the Kwakwaka'wakw culture.
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