Chancellor's Chair and Ceremonial Furnishings University of Victoria

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Kwagu't, Kwakwaka'wakw
Calvin Hunt was born in 1956 in Alert Bay, B.C. to Chief Thomas Hunt and Emma Hunt and has spent most of his life in Fort Rupert, B.C. Internationally renowned as a talented carver, Calvin Hunt's totem poles, canoes and feast dishes are fine examples of Kwakwaka'wakw carving traditions handed down through generations. Calvin Hunt received his earliest training from Tony and Henry Hunt who in turn had learned from Tony Hunt's grandfather, the illustrious Mungo Martin. Living and working in Fort Rupert, the ancestral home of the Hunt family, Calvin Hunt turns his attention to silkscreen printmaking as well as carving. For Calvin, who is of Eagle clan, the Eagle of this design symbolizes: "nobility, integrity and heavenly pride."
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