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View Detail Chief's Speaker's Staff ("talking stick") carving
View Artist Richard Hunt
Kwagu't, Kwakwaka'wakw
Born in 1951 in Alert Bay, B.C. Richard Hunt has lived in Victoria since childhood. Celebrated artist, carver, and printmaker he is the son of Henry Hunt and grandson of Mungo Martin. Richard has inherited the carving traditions of his culture through studying and training under their guidance. In 1974 like his father and grandfather before him, Richard was appointed chief carver at the Royal B.C. Museum. After more than a decade in this position Richard embarked on a freelance career creating a broad range of designs, monumental sculptures, masks, feast bowls, serigraphs, jewellery and limited edition bronzes. In addition to his flourishing career as an internationally acclaimed artist and educator Richard Hunt is an active supporter of a number of community and charitable organizations. In 1991, Richard Hunt was awarded the Order of B.C. the first native artist to be so honoured. In 1994 he was invested as a member of the Order of Canada.
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