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View Detail Carved kneeling stool
View Artist Susan Point
Musqueam, Coast Salish
Born in Alert Bay in 1952 while her family was on a fishing trip, Susan Point was raised in Vancouver and has lived there since. Susan Point is internationally renowned as a gifted artist of extraordinary versatility. She is a prolific artist acclaimed for her serigraphs, totem poles, drums, carved panels, glass etchings, jewellery and monumental sculptures created in a wealth of materials. Point is best known for her contemporary and highly original interpretations of traditional Coast Salish iconography. Traditional designs from historic spindle whorls have inspired her to create as a printmaker, jeweller, glass artist and carver. Susan Point is committed to bringing Coast Salish culture to the attention of a wider sphere of people and reviving traditional carving and art forms of her Coast Salish culture.
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