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Canadian Heritage Information Network
The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) supports Canadian museums in the effort to create, present and manage Canadian online content for public access and educational purposes.The CHIN site provides the heritage community with access to a wide range of professional resources, including online courses on image digitization and automated collections management systems, information about professional events and career opportunities, research and reference tools, intellectual property publications, bibliographies, and data dictionaries.

CHIN currently offers the following two support programs:

Virtual Museum of Canada Program
Through the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), CHIN assists the Canadian museum community in achieving a collective online presence. The VMC, which is part of the Canadian Culture Online Program (CCOP), enables Canadians to freely access, in both official languages, heritage content and features developed by Canadian museums and galleries. Content includes virtual exhibits, games, educational materials, close to 200,000 images and records of museum treasures, and information about nearly 2,500 heritage attractions. For further information, consult the program guidelines for the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) Investment Program.

Community Memories Program
The Community Memories program strengthens the capacity of smaller museums to create web content by supporting their development of online local history exhibits. Museums whose proposals are selected are supplied with user-friendly software and a standard $5,000 investment.The program is open to public, not-for-profit museums that have demonstrated their commitment to work collaboratively with colleagues across the country by becoming members of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN).

Canada's Digital Collections
Industry Canada has funded projects involving digital conversion of analog material and the creation of Web sites for display on-line. The production of these collections was intended to stimulate the development of viable digitization and multimedia enterprises.


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