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  1. A Woman's Place: Art and the Role of Women in the Cultural Formation of Victoria, BC, 1850s-1920s
  2. Caetani Family Project
  3. China and Beyond: The Legacy of a Culture
  4. Finnish/Canadian Community History
  5. First Nations Basketry Collection
  6. Hallmark Society Streetscapes Project
  7. Helen McCall Photography Project
  8. Industry Narratives
  9. Inkameep Day School Art Collection
  10. Japanese Canadian Photographers
  11. Joseph Frederick Spalding
  12. Legh Kilpin Art Collection
  13. Liturgical Textiles of St. John Divine Church, Yale, BC
  14. Modern Movement Architecture in BC
  15. Robert Aller Art Collection
  16. Upper St'àt'imc History in Photographs
  17. World Tea Party, Victoria
About Projects

The CURA Program supported these 17 collaborative research projects with heritage organizations across British Columbia.

Each project had two co-directors: a representative from the community organization and a faculty member from the University of Victoria. Research teams included members of the community and students from the university or other schools in the province.

Over 120 student researchers had the opportunity to work on projects through several options, either for course credit or in paid positions subsidized by SSHRC-CURA money and other funding programs.

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