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Archives Association of British Columbia

The BC Archival education and advisory service offers advisory services free of charge to archival repositories in British Columbia and to organizations and groups interested in establishing an archives or developing an existing archival program.

BC Arts Council

The British Columbia Arts Council offers the following three grant programs that may be of assistance to CURA projects:

Community Arts Development
Awards are available on a project basis to assist with development and special activities of community-based arts organizations in British Columbia. Projects should endeavour to improve the artistic standards of community-based artistic creation and/or increase community participation in arts activities.

Not eligible for funding are requests for operating expenses, start-up costs, 'seed' money, individual or group travel expenses, capital expenditures (construction, renovation, property and/or equipment purchase), wages for fund-raising, competitions, conferences or projects intended to provide entertainment for a pre-existing community event.

Application deadlines are April 15 and October 15 of each year.

Museums and Visual Arts Organization
Awards are available on a project basis to assist the development of public museums and professional visual arts organizations in British Columbia. Projects should advance the applicant's organizational development, enhance the level of professional services available to the community or facilitate development in new areas of interest.

Project categories ineligible under this program include: capital development projects; equipment purchase; capital renovation costs; international travel costs of foreign artists visiting British Columbia; travel of museums and/or visual arts organizations to international symposia, conferences or competitions; or projects in celebration of anniversaries.

New applicants who are single-theme or industrial heritage institutions are not eligible to apply.

The application deadline is April 15 of each year.

Touring Exhibition Assistance
This program assists the circulation of contemporary and historical exhibitions which are confirmed in at least three participating venues in the province. Eligible expenses include exhibition fees, artist's fees, audience development and educational activities, promotion and transportation costs. Maximum assistance is $1,000 per venue.

Application deadlines are April 15 and October 15 of each year.

Heritage Legacy Fund of British Columbia

The Heritage Legacy Fund of British Columbia is an initiative of the Heritage Society of BC and The Land Conservancy that will support many local heritage projects around the province. It will provide financial assistance and guidance to help protect, care for and showcase British Columbia's rich cultural heritage.
The goals of the Heritage Legacy Fund are to:
• support the conservation of heritage resources in British Columbia
• promote and increase public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of British Columbia's heritage resources
• encourage high standards of heritage conservation and the continuing maintenance and protection of heritage resources
• support community-based heritage projects
• increase the Heritage Legacy Fund

BC Museums Association

Founded in 1957 and incorporated in 1966, the British Columbia Museums Association provides a unified voice for the institutions, trustees, professional staff and volunteers of the BC museum and gallery community.

A Board elected from the membership that governs the BCMA. Councillors set policy for the Association while programs and professional staff delivers services.

The BCMA delivers a number of programs to the benefit of its members and the cultural community, including granting programs, youth work assistance, and technology support. The BCMA is the cultural information hub for British Columbia.

The British Columbia Museums Association is a provincially incorporated Society and a registered charitable organization. 

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