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BOX 01: Bali, Indonesia

"Offerings in White & Gold" (1981) - Depicts Bali, Indonesia, and looks at its cultural lifestyle. Features a week-long, 24-hour a day Purification of the King’s Soul Ceremony. This festival involves traditional dancers and musicians, a toothfiling ceremony, and the final freeing of the soul of the last king of the Island, Djecorda Gede Agung Sukewati. A Karl Spreitz/Vicky Husband Production. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

U998.41.1/1 "Bali Outs"

"Bali answer print"

U998.41.1/3 "Bali µ 89692 K. Spreitz, orig. col. rev."
U998.41.1/4 "A-Role µ 90044 - K. Spreitz ‘Bali’ ECH II"
U998.41.1/5 "B-Role µ 90044 - K. Spreitz ‘Bali" ECH II"
U998.41.1/6 "Bali Outs"
U998.41.1/7 "Martha in Bali Orig"
U998.41.1/8 "Bali Original Outs"
U998.41.1/9 "Bali original outs"
U998.41.1/10 "Dancer at Mas - org."

BOX 02: Bali, Indonesia

"Martha" - Shows a Canadian dancer studying Indonesian dance in Bali.

U998.41.2/1 "Martha - Bali - Martha orig. outs"
U998.41.2/2 "Bali - orig. outs"
U998.41.2/3 "Bali orig."
U998.41.2/4 "Bali - ‘Martha’ orig."

BOX 03: Native Heritage

"Kekule" - Shows the building of a unique style log-house which housed the Natives of the Interior of British Columbia. Produced for the British Columbia Provincial Museum, 1975. Director - Karl Spreitz, Script - Colin Browne.

"Borden" - An interview with the controversial anthropologist.

"Pictograph at Headly" -Shows rock paintings from the Princeton and Headly area of British Columbia.

"Rock Carving" - About a huge rock carving discovered under moss in the Skeena River, which was lifted by helicopter to safe ground and restored.

"Totems" - June 3, 1971, Haida Totems.

"Dr. Clutesi" - Interview

Spreitz with his friend Colin Browne.
The two met in the early 1970s and developed a close friendship.Together they worked on many films, including:
Bottles; The Point Ellice Bridge Disaster; Crossroads - The Port of Vancouver, April 1891; West Coast Logging, Cowichan Valley, 1939; Coming About; Kekule; The Royal Hudson; Strathyre; A Portrait of Myfanwy; Offerings in White and Gold; Ninstints; and White Lake.

U998.41.3/1 "Rock Carving at Headly"
U998.41.3/2 "’Kekule’ - original out"
U998.41.3/3 "Borden orig., 1 of 2"
U998.41.3/4 "’Kekule’ - Borden orig., 2 of 2"
U998.41.3/5 "Pictograph at Headly - orig. outs"
U998.41.3/6 "Pictograph at Headly - orig. outs"
U998.41.3/7 "’Kekule’ - Borden org., 1 of 2"
U998.41.3/8 "’Kekule’ - Borden orig., 2 of 2"

"’Kekule’ - orig outs"

U998.41.3/10 "Pictograph at Headly - original"
U998.41.3/11 "Museum Pictograph"
U998.41.3/12 "Borden Audio"
U998.41.3/13 "’Kekule’ - OK to project"
U998.41.3/14 "’Kekule’ - work print"
U998.41.3/15 "Rock Carving at Headly - outs"
U998.41.3/16 "CLUTESI orig. neg. Head."
U998.41.3/17 "June 3/71 Totems - Head"


Boxes - 1-3, Bali | 4-5, BC | 6-7, BC History
8-10, Artists | 11-13, BC Art | 14-17, TV