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Glen Howarth - Pub Scene - 1975
Glenn Howarth, Pub Scene, 1975




The exhibition introduced in this catalogue provides a fascinating first glimpse of the extensive art collection bequeathed to the University of Victoria by the late Michael Collard Williams, and gives us an insight into the tastes and interests of that discerning collector.

It is of special significance that this exhibition should form a major part of UVic's 2003 Celebrations. This year marks 100 years of higher education in Victoria - since the founding of our predecessor institution Victoria College - as well as the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of UVic in 1963.

Throughout our University's history, community support has been ongoing and crucial. The establishment of our Gordon Head campus was greatly assisted by a bequest of cash and commercial properties from local businessman, Thomas Shanks McPherson. Subsequently, Katharine and John Maltwood founded our Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery with a gift of property, an endowment and an extensive art collection.

The generous legacy of Dr. Michael Williams - an extraordinary gift that included commercial properties, business interests and this major modern art collection - continues this tradition. In his last will and testament Michael indicated that his collection should provide for study and enjoyment by faculty and students and also by the general public. We intend to honour that wish and build on it. This exhibition is a first step in honouring Michael's tremendous legacy to the University of Victoria and the broader community. I am delighted we have been able to bring it to downtown Victoria, an area which constituted another major passion in Michael's life.

David H. Turpin, PhD, FRSC
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Victoria