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Photo of Spalding

Capturing History

Joseph Frederick Spalding: Photographer—Tourist—Visionary

About the Joseph F. Spalding Project

Community-University Research Alliance University of Victoria

The Joseph Frederick Spalding Historical Photographs Web-Site is the result of a collaborative effort between the Fernie & District Historical Society and CURA, the Community-University Research Alliance located at the University of Victoria. The CURA program, funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, has enabled the university to partner with heritage organizations throughout British Columbia to help research and document special collections of cultural property.

The Fernie and District Historical Society would like to thank Dr. Lorne Hammond, Curator of History at the Royal British Columbia Museum and Adjunct Professor in the History Department at the University of Victoria, who served as the Spalding project co-director. Working with him, UVic students Leslie Hall, Gillian Murray, and Karen Waugh accessed, catalogued, and researched Spalding and his collections which are located at the British Columbia Archives and the Vancouver Public Library. Project co-director Michael Pennock conducted research in Fernie, with the assistance of students Tom Aylward and Jason Shulist. Karen Waugh developed the text and photograph selections for the website and the website design is credited to Jeffrey Werner. Thanks goes to Professor Martin Segger and student staff at the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery at UVic for help with the final editing of the website. David Broom and Muchael Huston in Studios for Integrated Media helped with the technical specifications to host the web-site on the UVic server.

For more information about the University of Victoria CURA program, please visit http://cura.uvic.ca.

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