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The Hallmark Society Streetscapes Project


Community Partners

The Hallmark Society of Victoria

Project Directors

Helen Edwards
Hallmark Society

Martin Segger
Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria

Student Researchers

Young Canada Works:
Ayla Lepine and Christina Smylitopoulos, History in Art; Eliane Macdonald, Geography

CURA Assistantships:
Erin Coulson, History in Art; Esther Parker, Geography

UVic Arts and Writing Co-op:
Gillian Saunders, English; Kevin Smith, Professional Writing and Leisure Studies

Youth Community Action Program:
Mary Anne McGrath, Anthropology; Samantha van Vollen, Visual Arts

Course Credit and Volunteer:
Eliane Macdonald, Geography

HA 392 Students: Bev Branton, Isadora Lienard-Boijoli, Colin Dyer, Rebecca Barr, Jeni Erickson, Liberty Walton, Marianne Pope, Christina Smylitopoulos, Stephanie Hawkins, Corinne Lefevbre, Lisa Stutters, Sonja Bertrand, Mathilde Belanger, James Fukushima, Pamela Lewis, Meredith McLeod, Liz Gontard, Jocelyn Statia, Valerie Rawlings, Clinton Saddington, Della Fallah, Kim Head

Image Gallery
Project Image

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