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China and Beyond: The Legacy of a Culture


Community Partners

Vancouver Museum Commission

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Project Directors

Paula Swart
Curator of Asian Studies, Vancouver Museum

Dr. Kathlyn Liscomb
Department of History in Art, University of Victoria

Student Researchers

HA 590:
Angela Andersen, Geoffrey Carr, Karen Kasner, Mary Laycock, Seanine Warrington, Guo Ximeng and Qin Zhu

HA 492:
Allison Hill, Claudia Lorenz, Elizabeth Markus and Linda Zajac

CURA Student Assistantships:
Justyna Krol and Geoffrey Carr, graduate students, History in Art; Elizabeth Markus, History in Art; Jacob Lee, Computer Science; Jackie Gallagher, History in Art (Maltwood Museum student employee)


Barry Till
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Caroline Riedel
Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria

Image Gallery
Project Image

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