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  • To utilize the research and teaching resources of the University of Victoria and its CURA partners to benefit regional arts and heritage organizations.
  • To encourage innovative research projects of mutual interest to the collaborating partners.
  • To provide opportunities for professional training and upgrading in cultural resource management and heritage preservation.
  • To involve student collaboration at the university and community levels.

Collection Documentation

  • To address the need for better managed, documented, and accessible institutional collections and community cultural property.

Interdisciplinary Research

  • To apply a wide array of research strategies to yield integrated knowledge of cultural property that is accessible to a broad audience.

Building a network

  • To create a communication structure for the support of curatorial research.


  • To produce measurable results such as field notes, exhibition catalogues, publications, digitized collections and web sites.
  • To enrich research and curricula for faculty and students at the university.
  • To develop professional expertise in regional organizations.
  • To enhance employment opportunities for students participating in CURA projects.
  • To develop school and public education programs.
  • To advance cultural knowledge informing local, regional and national identities.
  • To contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of communities.
  • To establish a web network of heritage organizations to sustain continuing collaborations and partnerships.

Value Added

  • To engage matching funds and resources.

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