GCAM delegates with Cowrie Circle Member, Dr. Richard Leakey, Kenya, 2001 (NMK) Children's Programs at the National Art Museum, Maputo, 1999 (Jennifer Fredrickson) CAM Delegates on tour, "Global Vision, Local Mission", Liverpool, 2003 Funda Community College, Arts Centre, Soweto, South Africa, 1995 Museum of Natural History, Maputo, Mozambique, 1999 (Jennifer Fredrickson) Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool (National Museums Liverpool), 2003 GCAM delegates on tour, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, 2001
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What is CAM?

The Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM) is a Commonwealth professional association and an international non-profit NGO working towards the betterment of museums and their societies in the Commonwealth family of nations and globally.

It is therefore concerned with the major issues and problems of the contemporary world. CAM wishes to work from the museum perspective, within the Commonwealth framework, and with Commonwealth governments and the people of our member states through their museums and Non-Governmental Organizations, to achieve our common goals. We welcome collaboration with others outside the Commonwealth.

Major Objectives

While based mainly in the Commonwealth, CAM welcomes opportunities to work with museums and agencies throughout the world.

More on Formal Objectives


CAM carries out its programs and activities with a firm focus on a number of overarching themes including:

In line with the above objectives and themes, CAM programs have been developed to meet those ends and consist of conferences, symposia, workshops, and other professional and community-oriented activities. As far as possible, programs and activities are based on the belief that interaction through CAM can lead to rewarding and productive contacts with other museum professionals and museums within and without the Commonwealth with benefits to all parties.

CAM Organizational Structure

The Association is governed by an Executive Council consisting of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, Treasurer, and six Council members. A Commonwealth-wide General Assembly with elections is held every three to four years and other meetings take place as programs develop. Annual General Assemblies are held in conjunction with other programs or separately as can be arranged in order to conduct annual business. The general membership is informed through the CAM Bulletin, website and email and the Executive Council may meet formally or informally once or more between elections.

Many of the Executive Council have been involved in the Association for some years and efforts are made to elect two to three new members to Council regularly. Many are also Directors or senior management staff of major museums in their own countries along with one or two in the curatorial or museum education field. Those who are now consulting have previously held senior positions. Curricula vitae of Council members are available.

CAM is particularly interested in working with other international museum and cultural organizations to make the most of all our limited funds and accomplish common goals.

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