The Collection

The Bayne Collection includes more than 730 sketches, drawings, and other items acquired by the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery and the MacPherson Library's Special Collections. Most of these works were done during a sketching tour made by R. R. Bayne in Europe from August 1864 to September 1865. There are also a number of drawings and sketches made by Bayne during his stay in India dated from the 1870's to the 1880's. A large presentation drawing of a building designed by Bayne in Calcutta was donated to the collection by the Alberni Valley Historical Society as a result of its identification during student research into the collection.

This original research formed the topic for a Graduate Research Seminar in Spring 1995. Some students researched specific drawings while others added to our knowledge of Bayne's educational background, work experience, and family connections. The Seminar concluded with an exhibition of drawings in the MacPherson Gallery and reception for descendants of R. R. Bayne who were contacted during the research term. This exhibition will be expanded with additional drawings and contemporary photographs of the structures recorded by Bayne which show his accuracy and eye for detail. The expanded exhibition will travel to Port Alberni in November.

Web-mediated Research Collaboration

An international collaborative research tool , this site will provide an opportunity for researchers, academics, historians, students, architects and the public alike to participate and contribute to this project.

The Bayne site is a protoype forum, communication node and research complier for initial research findings--images, links to other websites and listserv providers like ICOM and ICOMS/ICCROM.

The hope is to contact and engage local students, academic and historic site managers in discussion, field work--networking through museum studies and architectural conservation programs.

What the Future Holds...

The Bayne website is apart of a three year collaborative research project, which will include travel sketches from architects, Laszlo E. Hudec (1893-1956) and William Sutherland Maxwell (1874- ).


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