We wish to thank the following judges and jurors who participated in this year's show. Prizes were awarded for: Artistic merit, Technical merit, and Best in Show.


Martin Segger, Director of the Maltwood Gallery - University of Victoria
Judson Beaumont, Straight Line Designs - Vancouver
Maarten Schaddelee, Artist, Sculptor - Victoria
J.C. Scott, Designer - Victoria
Edmund Butler, Goodwood Studios - Roberts Creek
Glenn Gerein, Cabinet Maker - Victoria
Gary Kent, Designer, Craftsman - Roberts Creek
Stuart Stark, Designer/Heritage Consultant - Victoria
Paul Starita, Historian, Craftsman - Victoria


Best in Show: Ray Franklin, The Family

Technical Merit: James Esworthy, East Indian Rosewood Sideboard

Artistic Merit: Verne Smith, Three Coffee Tables

Peer's Choice: James Esworthy, East Indian Rosewood Sideboard

Judge's Choice: Ray Franklin, The Family ; Daniel Lubberts Six String Acoustical Guitar ; Van Varga Bench ; James Weening Sideboard ; Jesse Williams Table in Garry Oak

People's Choice: Pending